Money Smart Week
April 21-28, 2018

The Financial Literacy Round Table (FLRT) of the Rhode Island Library Association (RILA) is pleased to announce Money Smart Week will be held April 21-28, 2018.  Rhode Island, with the support of RILA and the American Library Association, has been an active participant in the Chicago Federal Reserve’s Money Smart Week since 2011.  In 2014, this initiative was expanded when Rhode Island’s Office of Library & Information Services became the first state to form a statewide partnership with the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB), with the goal to broaden access to financial education tools and assistance to consumers on a variety of topics.  During Money Smart Week, libraries of all types partner with community groups, financial institutions, government agencies, educational organizations, and other experts, to help consumers learn to better manage and understand their personal finances.   Money Smart Week’s goal is to provide communities informational, objective, and authoritative programs about issues surrounding financial literacy.  Most speakers volunteer their time without cost and without expectation of sales or solicitation.  Some organizations offer bilingual resources or speakers. 

Find out what libraries across Rhode Island are offering for Money Smart Week 2018:

FLRT has compiled a resource list of community partners offering a variety of programs available to libraries.  Topics include budgeting, financing college, identity theft and cybersecurity, saving by organizing your household and money smart programs for kids!  Schedule a program today!


The CFPB and the U.S. Government Printing Office provide free promotional and educational materials on many financial topics.  Formats include posters, bookmarks, booklets, flyers, DVDs and more!  Orders are shipped free to libraries.


CFPB support materials and the MSW partner kit for librarians providing financial literacy programs.

Financial education materials (for all ages) from the Government printing Office

Promotional materials for Money Smart Week

Why should you contact FLRT?

  • We would like to know if you are planning, or have scheduled any “money smart” events for April 21-28, 2018.  If you have planned a financial literacy program in the past, or know of a possible speaker in your community consider reaching out to them for April as part of National Financial Literacy Awareness Month.
  • If you are willing to host a MSW session at your library, but would like suggestions on speakers and programs, reach out to us at!

For marketing and promotional purposes, we would like to get a complete list of all financial programs on the RI Money Smart Week calendar by April 1, 2018.  Please create an account on the Money Smart Week Partner site and post your events or share the details of the program with the Financial Literacy Round Table.  Money Smart Week logos are available for use in your marketing.  The Chicago Federal Reserve has created state specific logos for use in promoting Money Smart Week and maintains the events calendar on their website. 


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For more information, send us an email at FLRT@rilibraries
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