Senator Reed Helps Boost Funding for IMLS

Thursday, June 09, 2016 3:57 PM | Anonymous

Senator Reed has helped secure an increase of $314,000 for the IMLS Grants to States program (to $156,103,000) and the same increase for the National Library Leadership grants (to $13,406,000) over FY16 levels in the bill passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee today.  Hurdles remain to get to a final spending bill, but this is great news. 

OLIS receives approximately half its funding from IMLS and uses these funds to support OLIS activities and programs such as Summer Reading, Continuing Education, Talking Books Plus, and more.  Please note that this increase is for the national program, not just for OLIS, but all states, including RI will benefit.

Please see the Senator's press release here:

Also see the news in ALA's District Dispatch:

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